Welcome to the Yellow House!

The Yellow House is located in Capbreton, France close to Hossegor in Landes area (South West France). From the beach you can see Biarritz lighthouse (Biarritz airport is 30 km/18 miles far), boat leaving Bayonne’s port (20 km/12 miles) and you have Dax the thermal city only 40 km/24 miles far. You can also enjoy worldwide famous Bayonne’s festivities (early August) and Dax ones (around August 15th) while surfing the well-known waves from Landes coast.

The Yellow House is in a very quiet neighborhood in Capbreton, 2 km/1.2miles from the beach.

Real close from the beach but apart from the crowd, you’ll enjoy an absolute calm and the opportunity to park easily.

The Yellow House is open all year long.

You’d love to come off-season having a walk on the great Capbreton’s sand beaches.

Backwash is incredible, you have the best view on the Bay of Biscay and this is definitely an amazing place for nature lovers.


Starting for Easter, the mild climate allows you to enjoy the entire seaside and the Landes’ forest.

During the summer, you want to try the waves!

For September and October experience the beach for yourself only!